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How It Works
It’s really simple.

Our Story

We knew from the beginning our story wasn’t typical. From dating in high school, being apart for 9 years, reuniting, having two boys 11 months apart, to always owning a business and homeschooling our kids, well, you can see we chose a different path than most.

We’re often asked, “How did you get the idea for a dry cleaning pick up and delivery service?”

That too was an odd path. We’ve owned twelve different service businesses (some of them even worked!) and have always enjoyed serving others.

After Hurricane Charley destroyed our dry cleaning plant in 2004 we rebuilt and then sold our partners our portion so we could move “home to Georgia”.

Glen became the Director of Small to Mid-sized Business at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce but after five years of working for others, we decided we had too much passion for entrepreneurship to ignore and, using what we learned in the business in Florida, we launched Dry Cleaning Connection in 2010.


Business owner, thrift shop enthusiast, 10K’er and future YouTube star, Tammy is the brains behind the brawn, the thoughts behind the action, and the system builder who keeps us all in line.


Serial Entrepreneur, 9 time marathoner, professional speaker and customer service expert, Glen is Tammy’s “yes man” and lucky to be husband to an amazing woman and father to two incredible young men.


Creative master, 3 time marathoner, videographer, photographer, artist, social media expert, and webmaster, Grant keeps our business in front of clients and future clients through social media.


Lover of life, master gamer, YouTube enthusiast, 10k’er, people pleaser, and king of compassion, Carson keeps our operations operational and ensures clients receive an amazing experience.


UWG grad, music aficionado, social media maven, gamer, loyal friend, and just about the hardest worker around, Charlotte delivers all the promises we make with grace and a friendly smile.

Price List

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2 Piece Suits


Other prices available upon request

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Do I need to be home?
No. We pick up your bag from the door hanger on your door and deliver back to the same location (or another location you designate). Many of our customers are not home for pick up or delivery. If you are going to be away from home (vacation or a trip) on delivery day just leave a note on your bag, email, or call 770.435.0781 on the pick up day, to hold your order until _________. We will deliver on your specified day.
How do I make payment?
We store your credit card information in our secure database. We automatically charge your credit card on file for each order we process. Payment options include Visa, Master Card, and American Express.
The door hanger does not fit my door.
Move the hanger to the hinge side of the door, past any molding or trim. The hook should now be flush with the door and not interfere with its operation.
What if it’s raining?
If you are concerned about your garments getting wet, simply place your garments in a plastic bag, then place the plastic bag into your bright green Dry Cleaning Connection bag. Your driver will take precautions on delivery as well. If your driver is concerned, a last resort will be holding your order until the next day.
Will someone steal my clothes?
We’ve never had a report of stolen clothes. Our pick up and delivery schedules are coordinated with activity in the neighborhood. We also can establish a more secure location for delivery if you desire. Ask your driver, email, or call 770.435.0781.
What do I do with extra large items like comforters or rugs?
Place these items on your porch in front of your door with a note to dry clean; or place the item in a large trash bag with a note. If you are still concerned call us and set an appointment for a special pick up.
I missed my pick up.
No problem. Just call and us at 770.435.0781 and the driver will return ASAP to get your order.
Do you recycle?
Yes, we recycle hangers. Leave your hangers out with your order in a separate container or bundle them with string or twist ties.
I have a lot of cleaning, will you pick up more often?
Yes, we have twice a week pick up available for larger customers. We also will make “special pick ups” as needed.
Do you have a referral program?
Absolutely, we appreciate our customer’s confidence and trust. We currently offer $10 in free dry cleaning for each referral that becomes a customer, and we give your referral $10 off their first order for trying us out.

Look Great

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Interested how you can have it all?